Warhol & Basquiat Vitrine

Warhol & Basquiat Vitrine

Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat were frequent collaborators and several pieces of art including photographs and paintings resulted from their well-documented bromance. Composed to pay tribute to the two artists, this vitrine includes their art, along with clothes and accessories that focus on the important elements of their work. 

Warhol’s extensive use of bold colors in his Pop Art is evident in this vitrine that starts with a “Gold-tone Leather Hoop Earrings — Pink.” The fuchsia leather and gold tone earrings have a ball that dangles from the post and is created by Italian fashion house Marni with a playful aesthetic that borrows from cartoons. 

A Polaroid of Jean-Michel Basquiat taken by Warhol is one of several that he shot during his lifetime. The shot with the title “Basquiat” was taken in 1982 and provides a glimpse at Warhol’s fascination with the mundane aspects of lives of famous personalities. Bright fuchsia once again surfaces in the vitrine with the “1970s Shirt Dress” from Italian fashion house Emilio Pucci. An adjustable belted waist provides shape to the silk dress that features a straight cut and has buttons running along its length.

Flattened silver material forms the basis of the “Silver Cloud” piece from Andy Warhol. Designed to be inflated, it is crafted from material that can be gradually filled with air and transforms in a rectangular cloud. 

Perfect for pairing with trendy outfits, the “Embellished Cat-eye Acetate and Gold-tone Sunglasses” features a combination of faux pearls and gold studs positioned on a glossy metal frame. The flicked black acetate tips provide a cats-eye shaped finish to the sunglasses from Gucci.

Consumer products and art come together in the “Brillo Soap Pads Box” from Warhol and several of these were used by him to create sculptures. Warhol’s work is the focus of the book “Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years” on offer from Yale University Press and it explores the impact that he left on generations of artists. Consumer culture, tabloid-based news, cults around celebrities, sexual identity and other elements employed by Warhol, are explored with the aid of “dialogues” with other artists. 

Basquiat’s extensive use of graffiti in his work is seen in “Logo” that delves into how trademarks are used in society and also includes a reference to his Haitian and Puerto Rican roots.


Founder: Louise Blouin 


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