A notable festival dedicated to the art of glass, The Venice Glass Week to be held on September 7-15, 2019, will be embraced by a prominent new prize sponsored by the Modern Decorative Art + Design Department of Bonhams, New York. The prize is fixed to be of worth €1,000 and it will be rendered to the best project of the week chosen by the jury.

As per the official release, with a special focus on Murano, the grandeur of this festival lies in the coming together of 180+ events at 150+ venues in and around Venice, Mestre, and Murano. As stated in the press release, “The main aim of the event is to rejoice, rejuvenate, and endure the art of the most ancient glass making for years to come.”

According to Dan Dolson, the Global Head of Modern Decorative Art + Design, Bonhams, “The aim of the Bonhams Prize for The Venice Glass Week is to stimulate original and high-quality projects in the field of artistic glass, on the occasion of the third edition of The Venice Glass Week. Bonhams is proud of its record in pioneering sales of contemporary glass and we are delighted to support this important initiative that will help glassmakers both today and in the future.”

The jury includes a group of art connoisseurs including Jean Blanchaert, who is the curator and member of the Curatorial Committee of The Venice Glass Week, Giovanna Palandri, IVSLA, Chancellor and President of the Organizing Committee of The Venice Glass Week, and Dan Tolson, the Director of the Modern Decorative Art + Design Department of Bonhams, New York.

The prize money for the winner worth €1,000 will be announced in an auspicious prize-giving ceremony on September 11, 2019, at the prestigious Palazzo Franchetti.

According to The Venice Glass Week’s official website, the first edition of the festival in 2017 featured a program of over 150 events at over 100 venues around Venice and Murano, attracting an audience of more than 75,000 visitors from Venice, Italy and abroad. The second edition in 2018 featured over 180 events at over 160 venues across Venice, Murano and Mestre and attracted more than 91,000 visitors. This was, “a sure sign of the dynamism and vitality of Venice’s cultural scene, and a strong indication of the growing international interest in the field of glass.” The website adds, “The third edition of the festival will build on this success, and is set to be even more ambitious, exciting and impactful.”


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