The ocean, the beach, and the seabed have a whole new world for us to discover and inspire. From cinema to novels to fashion and art, the ocean has always been a source wonder for us.

London-based artist Will Thorburn (b.1983) has created “Mother Nature” in 1917 with oil on canvas. Thorburn’s work combines both the ornamental and the functional to build a transitional space where the organic and inorganic unify. Soaking the work with bright, clean colors, forms emerge suggestive of limbs, internal organs, and plants intertwined in ambiguous combinations. Influenced equally by the palettes of the fauves and pop artists, the artist’s works evoke sundrenched climates, the lime greens contrasting with brilliant oranges and deep crimson. The colors of southern France and Morocco infuse the paintings with a vivid energy.

Ellis Faas’ “Creamy Lips” in pale peach is a long-wear lipstick that gives pure color, and a glossy texture to your lips that lasts overtime. Plumping actives improve hydration.

Wallace Chan’s “Sea Fairies” is a must-have piece of jewelry. Chan sculpts with a delicacy of touch that defies boundaries and uses light as the leitmotif for his colorful, sensual jewels.

The “Green Trapeze Clutch” from The Purple Sack is a handy accessory. It is made of fabric and raw silk material, using a variety of details and techniques by hand embroidery on raw silk.  ?

Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves’ “North Sea Scalloped Patchwork Gingham Stretch-crepe Swimsuit” in blue is perfect for a day on the beach. Reeves is a former ballerina and long-time surfer who has worked designing the swimsuit based on the movement and comfort of the body.

Gucci’s square-frame gold-tone sunglasses have vintage-inspired brown tinted lenses, curved around the nose that flatters your complexion.

Melbourne-based artist Clare Belfrage’s “Quiet Shifting, Oceana” is a blown glass creation with cane drawing, which is hand-sanded and polished“As an artist, my point of view is often looking from close up. The big feeling that small gives me is intimate and powerful. The industry in nature, its rhythm and energy, dramatic and delicate, still holds my fascination as does the language and processes of glass.”

Wolffer Estate’s “Summer in a Bottle 2017” is a Rosé from Long Island that can be enjoyed on warm, sunny days.