Moonlight one of the most elegant romantic colors of nature. The moon was used as a reference not only for religion and beliefs, but is also a great inspiration for artists since the beginning of time.

Anna Hu is New York-based Taiwanese high jewelry artist. Her “Waltz Earrings in Moonstone” is a classic example of her creations.

Regina Silva Silveira, an internationally known Brazilian artist, works with light, shadows and distortions to explore ideas of reality and “Lunar (Moonspace),” 2017, demonstrates her skill with these elements.

As one of the pioneers of video art in Brazil, she has explored the illustration of actuality and the meaning of images for over 30 years. Her work discovers the ironic connection between presence and absence, an idea that she studied by including shadows into her graphic language.

Two Palms Art Bazaar’s shimmering, plexiglass pieces will give your walls new life and character. This refreshing array of bright, dynamic images is printed on Plexiglass and white Komatex for a glossy finish, and comes with all the hardware you need to hang each piece in your home or office. Two Palms Art Bazaar’s “Diamond Moon” — (set of 6) is a must-have.

Fukumoto Fuku’s “Moon Light” is a good example of her ceramic work. She stated that the use of exterior white glaze and interior blue glaze in her dishes agree with the conception of a pictorial means that fill two voids. The blue and green areas contrasted with the white converted a sort of symbol for air and the Earth itself. Her sophisticated simplicity has been loved all over the world.

Bethan Laura Wood’s “Moon Rock collection — Moon H low table Cod / 3593” is a series of tables that can be used individually or grouped together to make a lunar scene.

Vacheron Constantin’s “Traditionnelle moon phase and power reserve small model Reference: 83570/000G-9916” is a watch created under high-technology conditions.

American painter Lois Dodd (b.1927) first studied art and textile design while attending Cooper Union from 1945 to 1948.  She was born in Montclair, New Jersey. She was one of five artists to found the Tanager Gallery in 1952, a significant co-op gallery where many young artists found a stage for their work. Her “Moon at dusk” is an ideal painting that demonstrates her style.