The Verhoeven Twins at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, New York

The Verhoeven Twins at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, New York

“Vanitas of Life” — a show of work by Dutch designers, The Verhoeven Twins, formerly of the design collective Demakersvan, is on view at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, New York. 

This is the duo’s first US solo show with the gallery and is on view through December 22. 

“The show foregrounds the pair’s borosilicate glass Bubble works and also features two iterations of their Lectori Salutem Desk in addition to their iconic Cinderella table,” the gallery writes. “Jeroen and Joep Verhoeven’s ‘Shape of Water’ collection fuses time-honored symbolism and cutting-edge technology to create a sculpture of startling beauty. The bubble appears throughout art history as an image of transience, most famously in ‘Chardin’s Soap Bubbles’ (c. 1733-34), which depicts a boy blowing a bubble while another watches.” 

There is another similarly playful spirit infused with “Verhoeven’s Vanitas of Life collection,” with its billowing, prismatic glass bubbles that look like they might pop at any moment. In fact, this method to make the bubbles emerged only after years of research by the duo. 

“The borosilicate glass is the most stable and clear glass made by man. Master craftsmen, used to work on jewelry precision, work together with robotics to shape the glass to a complex structure that results in an exceptionally strong substance. The Verhoeven Twins have created a unique cultural artefact by transforming a symbol image of brevity into an enduring object,” the gallery added.

Along with the other formal aspects – the symbolic nature of the bubble looms large over the Verhoeven Twins’ practice. The twins say that their work environment is like living within a bubble of their own experience — as the two share an estate and a studio. 

In their works, they make an attempt to capture a youthful-like innocence or naivete through their work. The artists bubbles come to represent the fragility of life – something of aesthetic beauty but also very temporary. 

The works in this exhibition are intended to exist at the intersection of art object and functional sculpture. The artists hope to collapse the abstract into the functional, creating a story that blends elements that society usually separates.

Founder: Louise Blouin  



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