David Gill Gallery in London is hosting “Summer Group Show,” featuring key pieces of modern and contemporary design where many are shown together for the first time. Ranging from lamps, consoles, tables, and chandeliers among other unique works, the exhibition is on view through September 7, 2019.

As per the gallery, “Exhibiting over 80 works of such extraordinary quality creates a visual feast in the gallery and sets up new and unexpected dialogues. These pieces have been hand-picked by David Gill, the widely-acknowledged father of Collectible Design and Design-Art, and this wide-ranging selection provides real access to his visual world.”

On display of historical interest is the trio of Yves Klein coffee tables — Klein Rose, Klein Blue and Klein Gold, 1961. These are juxtaposed with a more recent and equally important work, Zaha Hadid’s Coffee Table “Liquid Glacial,” 2012.

A prominent member of the Nouveau Realisme movement founded in 1960, Yves Klein was among the pioneers of conceptual and performance art. Being one of the key influencers of the Minimalist movement, the French artist favored the idea over the execution. Zaha Hadid, on the other hand never, restricted herself to conventional designs. She was known as a pioneer of Parametricism, and an icon of Neo-futurism. Her work and unique forms include the aquatic center for the London 2012 Olympics, the Broad Art Museum in the US, and the Guangzhou Opera House in China. 

Apart from these, showcased is also, Fredrikson Stallard’s 2019 polished bronze coffee table, “Justification of Grace,” which dialogues with Michelle Oka Doner’s round table, “Radiant,” 1995, also in bronze. This from a different angle, faces Mattia Bonetti’s “Yo-Yo” coffee table, 2008, in stainless steel.

“Works from Jorge Pardo’s acclaimed 2015 ‘Meretricious’ collection, created for David Gill Gallery, include a wall-mounted chest of drawers and a vast, vertical, mirror, hung opposite Michelle Oka Donner’s sculptural bronze mirror ‘Fertile Reflection.’ Both artists are clearly inspired by the natural world,” adds the gallery. “David Chipperfield’s bookcase, ‘Single Bay High Iconic,’ is a highlight, as is Ron Arad’s semi-circular desk, in mirror and steel, ‘Table #5.’ Garouste & Bonetti’s torchere, ‘Toledo,’ 1999, is full of wit and intrigue, but matched in impact by Fredrikson Stallard’s astonishing glass-topped, stainless steel dining table, ‘Atlantic.’” 

The smaller ceramic sculptures by both Lena Peters and Milena Musquiz contain fascinating narratives imbued with so much character and beauty.


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Founder: Louise Blouin