Style at the Royal Academy of Art

Style at the Royal Academy of Art

Start the New Year in style with the beautifully assembled items at the Royal Academy of Art boutique available at Blouin Shop. From Manet art catalogues to Sandra Blow limited edition rugs, there is no shortage of great taste. The Royal Academy of Art offers everything to decorate your home, refresh your closet, or enrich with your mind with books on art, culture, and style.

Beautiful prints are available by Allen Jones. The artist mixes soft feminine pastels to create a provoking pose in this limited edition print of his sculpture “Secretary.” As a founder of British Pop Art, he is renowned for his controversial sculptures that fetishize the female form.

Add a metallic twist to your shoe collection with this geometric structured black and bronze pointed toe heel crafted in luxuriously soft leather: A heel that can take you from the office to a night out on the town with minimal effort! 

To modernize your home, the Royal Academy of Art offers a stunning limited edition Anatolian Wool and Mohair Rug by English Abstract painter Sandra Blow. The artist’s signature bold graphics decorate this hand-knotted Mohair Rug. The monochrome colors that adorn the fabric create a simple yet rich palette that can easily match various interior decoration styles. 

For a sculptural, yet practical décor, Peter Lane creates coffee tables that resemble stone-like shapes in black and white colors. These geometric shapes offer an artistic quality to design furniture that pushes the boundaries of interior decoration while maintaining a tasteful aesthetic.

Vintage Saint Laurent is always a great addition to your wardrobe, especially this burgundy velvet dress that eludes class and timelessness. This one-of-a-kind rare find is great idea for stylish events as well as casual evenings with friends.

To complete the look, a hat made from 100 percent felted wool is available by STEiNUNN. The entire pattern is created by hand and is made with different strips of knit. The hat creates an illusion of grandiose dimensions with a soft and elegant look. The pattern is inspired by molten lava and was first used by STEiNUNN in 2009. 

Founder: Louise Blouin  



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