“Space Exploration” Auction at Sotheby’s, New York, July 20

“Space Exploration” Auction at Sotheby’s, New York, July 20

An auction titled “Space Exploration” will take place at Sotheby’s, 1334 York Avenue, New York, on July 20, to mark the 50th anniversary of man’s landing on the moon. The auction showcases works like “Apollo 11,” — the original, first-generation NASA videotape recordings of the Apollo 11 lunar EVA. It includes three metal reels (each 10 1/2 in. diameter) of Ampex 148 High Band 2-inch Quadruplex videotape, the tapes with video of the Apollo 11 lunar EVA recorded on July 20, 1969, at Mission Control, Manned Spaceflight Center, Houston, Texas, directly from narrow-band slow scan video tape converted to NTSC for network broadcast using Ampex VR-2000 video recorders. The estimate price for the same is about $1,000,000 — $2,000,000.

Other top lots of the sale are:

— “Saturn V / Apollo Firing Room Control Panels” used to launch the Saturn V Rocket from the Kennedy Space Center Firing Room 1, Launching 7 Apollo Missions, including the three most historic: Apollo 8 (First Humans to Orbit the Moon), Apollo 11 (First Humans to Land on the Moon), and Apollo 17 (Last Humans to Land on the Moon). Featured in lot 105. Estimate: $200,000 – $300,000.

— “Apollo 1 - Roger Chaffee’s Helmet & Glove Stowage Cover,” the only known piece of his Spacesuit to survive the Apollo 1 Disaster. White nylon helmet and glove stowage bag with velcro-attachments, front Velcro strap with “R.B. Chaffee” embroidered in white over black label, interior label reads: “Bag, Helmet-Glove, Stowage/ Nasa Designation ASB-1C / Mfg. David Clark Company Inc. / P/N A-2011-000 Ser. No. 120 / November 1966.” Featured in lot 72. Estimate: $125,000 – $150,000. 

— “Apollo 11 Flown Command Module ‘Columbia’ Boost Cover Release Port Label.” From the access Hatch of Apollo 11 Command Module ‘Columbia.’ Flown Apollo 11 Boost Cover Release Port Label, recovered from the Crew access Hatch of Command Module ‘Columbia’ after recovery on July 24, 1969, 123 x 106 mm. Featured in lot 106. Estimate: $125,000 – $150,000. 

— “Flown to and Used on the Lunar Surface during Apollo 11.” 6 Items mounted together on a special presentation board, 19 1/2 x 15 3/4 inches, signed and inscribed to Terry Slezak by Neil Armstrong: “To Terry Slezak - / A ‘Dirty’ Photographer/ with Best Wishes/ Neil Armstrong,” signed by Buzz Aldrin, and signed and inscribed by Michael Collins “Many Thanks - / Michael Collins.” Featured in lot 107. Estimate: $50,000 – $70,000.



Founder: Louise Blouin 



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