South Lane Stockholm

South Lane Stockholm

Focused on the offerings from South Lane Stockholm, this vitrine proves that the simplicity and minimalism that characterize Scandinavian design is alive and flourishing. Luxury timepieces and accessories offered by the brand include the recently released AVANT collection, which has a distinct ultra-modern aesthetic and boasts artistic Swiss craftsmanship.

Avant-garde detailing and hand-scratched lines, which are the core elements of the South Lane Stockholm brand, are visible in the “AVANT Diffuse Invert Triple White Watch.” The unisex offering comes with a 38mm case and a printed dial that has an industrialized vibe, while the Italian calf leather strap comfortably wraps around the wrist thrice.  Also from the new lineup is the “AVANT Emerge Black Watch” that features a hand scratched dial with brown lines. The Quartz Ronda 762 movement onboard the watch is Swiss made and highly precise, and the matte black case has diameter of 38mm.

The luxury brand’s penchant for using calf leather from Italy in its products is seen in the “AVANT Raw White Wallet.” A combination of Swiss design and Italian leather, results in a unique piece that is long lasting and it gradually “personalizes” over the years according to how it is used.  

Created to convey various themes such as the flight and fall of Icarus, the “SL+AUMORFIA Collaboration Off-white Emerge watch” is packed with drama and elements from Greek mythology. The collaboration between the two companies has resulted in the cuff-like strap made in Greece by Aumorfia, while the watch features a Swiss Ronda 762 movement.

Another timepiece resulting from the partnership is the “SL+AUMORFIA Collaboration Double Black Silent watch” that features a Swiss-made Quartz Ronda 762 movement within a 38mm round matte case. Paired with a unique strap that is composed of flat slats, it emphasizes the bold minimalism of the South Lane Stockholm brand. The “AVANT Raw White High-top Sneaker,” is made in Italy from calf leather and comes with rubber sole, while a zipper outline provides a unique touch to the minimalist offering.

Rounding up the vitrine focused on South Lane Stockholm is the “AVANT Surface Double side zip Watch” that features a printed dial.  The strap made in Italy from premium calf leather comes with a zipper detail on the outer edge, and it provides a bold touch to the piece. 

Founder: Louise Blouin 




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