Shilpa Gupta at Galleria Continua, San Gimignano

Shilpa Gupta at Galleria Continua, San Gimignano

Galleria Continua is displaying works of internationally acclaimed Indian artist, Shilpa Gupta, at its San Gimignano venue. On view through January 13, 2019, these works create a visual grammar of a conceptual nature. The artist weaves the intensity of writing through her complex works, which include objects, performances, photographs, drawings, and interactive videos.

Shilpa Gupta, (born 1976), in a career spanning over two decades, has engaged with art in its participatory, interactive and public depths. Through her works, Gupta continually outlined the defining power of social and psychological borders on public life and memory.  

“A certain intersubjectivity which expresses itself through a conceptual and formally observed circularity — a dialectic inquiry consisting of a simultaneous physical winding and conceptual unwinding of passages, people, places or thoughts — is at the heart of both of her works included in the show,” the gallery says. “The works engage with the continued power of repressive state apparatuses, and the seductions of social homogeneity and deceptive ideas of public consensus enabled by emerging mediascapes. Thus, they make visible the aporias and incommensurability in the emerging national public sphere in South Asia, as well as elsewhere.”  

On display is a sculpture in which three identical figures are intertwined in a circle, each veiling the others’ eyes, ears, and mouths. Here, she revisits her photographic series of 2006 “Do not See Do not Hear Do not Speak” that is based on a Chinese proverb made popular by Mahatma Gandhi. The sculpture is rooted in the context of the changing political scenario, the wave of separatism and suppression of views that is a prevalent issue in Gupta’s home country.  

Another piece titled “Thought Inside a Thought” (2017) delves into the idea of intersubjectivity and the fact that all our thoughts come from within us and are yet not fully ours.

Shilpa Gupta is a Mumbai-based artist who studied sculpture at the Sir J. J. School of Fine Arts from 1992 to 1997. She has held solo shows at notable institutes around the world, including the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati, Arnolfini in Bristol, OK Centrum in Linz, Museum voor Moderne Kunst in Arnhem, and Lalit Kala Akademi in New Delhi.

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