Shampa Sircar Das’ “Antardhwani: The inner voice” at Chawla Art Gallery, New Delhi

Shampa Sircar Das’ “Antardhwani: The inner voice” at Chawla Art Gallery, New Delhi

Chawla Art Gallery is hosting “Antardhwani: The inner voice” by Shampa Sircar Das at its New Delhi venue from January 18 through February 2, 2019.

Inspired by the rich Indian cultural heritage and Indian philosophy, Shampa Sircar Das’ works that are full of cosmic energy and symbolism are recognized for its study in the power of the spirit within the domain of human and earthly ancestry.

As per the official release, “The show brings together works by the artist addressing the oneness in the essence of all; the unity of existence. Unity is the song of life; it is the grand theme underlying the rich variations that exist throughout the cosmos. Whatever we see, whatever we experience, is only a manifestation of this eternal oneness,” the gallery says. “The inner voice embraces and enlivens all aspects of reality. This energy takes a wide variety of forms, including nature, creation, life force, movement, mind, and strength, as well as the power to dominate or destroy. Time is cyclical, and in the world of change and becoming; the relative world, everything is transient and nothing endures. There is birth and death, growth and decay; there is combination and separation, full of changes and transformations.”

The canvas in these works becomes a large area of space where forms are constantly resonating, emerging out, expanding and then dissolving into it. The artist uses a combination of philosophy, aesthetics and technique to create her own language on the canvas.

“Symbols fascinate her, as they have a language of their own and encompass the power of silence within them. The forms and elements are an integral part of the space where sometimes they cross the threshold; the boundaries dissolve and become part of the matrix,” adds the release.  

Living in Delhi, India, Shampa Sircar Das completed her B.F.A. (Painting) in 1993 from College of Art, New Delhi, followed by M.F.A (Painting) from Jamia  Millia Islamia in 1995. Her works are in collection of various national and international collectors, corporate houses, galleries, ambassadors, embassies and government organizations.


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