School Time

School Time

Getting the most out of time spent at school means mixing fun with education, and this vitrine allows you or your children to do just that. Whether you are heading to undergraduate school or just want to ensure your kids are kitted out sufficiently for the school year, this vitrine has got you covered.

The right bag to store books and even a laptop while on the go is a backpack, and the “Sky Leather Backpack Black” is created from premium leather. Fine hardware, such as metal clasps used in the creation of the bag and impeccable craftsmanship, makes the backpack a trendy accessory that never goes out of style.

Jeff Koons’ style and art on the cover of the “Koons notebook | Lobster” from Centre Pompidou makes its stand out and arouse astonishment and admiration. The stylish notebook features a colorful image of polychromed aluminum and coated steel chain lobster on its cover while the blank pages within can be used to take notes.

Accessories such as socks are an integral part of a fashionable ensemble. Whether children are in school or at home, the “Library Card Socks” on offer from The British Library encourages them to read books. Printed with the due dates of books as seen on a traditional library card, the comfortable socks are made from 80 percent combed cotton combined with nylon and spandex.

Lessons about honesty, fairness, strength, and wisdom do not have to come from parents alone, and the book “How to Behave and Why” is intended to help groom young children. The book, illustrated with childlike drawings from Munro Leaf, was first published in 1946 and comes with timeless messages that are useful for children and even adults. 

With “My First Drafting Set,” created by Treehopper Toys, and available from the Museum of Art and Design, children can express their creativity while building things. The kit comes encased in an ergonomic drag string bag and contains a ruler, two circles, a triangle, two pencils and a sharpener. 

Inspired by antique steel utensils used in the city of Jaipur, the “Cask Backpack” from Kassa has a circular build and is targeted at the fashion conscious. Within the backpack’s main slot are two detachable small pouches for organizing daily essentials while six slots are designed to store cards. 

Founder: Louise Blouin 


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