Ricarda Roggan’s “Weimar, Noris, Ernemann” at Galerie Eigen + Art, Berlin

Ricarda Roggan’s “Weimar, Noris, Ernemann” at Galerie Eigen + Art, Berlin

Galerie Eigen + Art, Berlin, is currently showing “Weimar, Noris, Ernemann” by Ricarda Roggan. The exhibition is on view through July 27. As per the gallery release, Roggan has been inspired by the special aura of the projectors since she spent long, tranquil cinema evenings with them on a student job.

In her search for projectors, Roggan came across a passionate collector who had collected and preserved an almost complete collection of 35mm, 16mm, and 8mm

projectors in several sheds in the garden of his house in Leipzig. “All of them are machines that were taken long ago out of the circulation of commodities and function. From the collection, Roggan separated out individual apparatus, chosen for the special sound of their names: Weimar, Noris, Ernemann,” the gallery says.

Roggan is one of the most important photographers in Germany. Born in 1972 in Dresden, she studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig in the class of Prof. Timm Rautert. This was followed by two years at the Royal College of Art London in the Photography Department.

“These clarified sceneries are illuminated only by their own light and the radiance of the projectors, which an ingenious system of reflections on glass panes and mirror surfaces guides across walls and through the room back upon themselves, where they are collected until the bodies, contours, and textures emerge from the darkness,” the gallery says. Roggan combined two of her techniques: the clarifying staging of a place, and stage set construction for small and large objects for the series “Apparate.”

To get the intended effect, Roggan photographed the machines in black-and-white or in subdued colors or else presented them as a slide in a lightbox, whereby they leave new traces in the exhibition room, delicate shimmering of light on the floor of museums and galleries. 


Founder: Louise Blouin 



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