Rendezvous with The Haas Brothers ahead of “Ferngully” in Miami

Rendezvous with The Haas Brothers ahead of “Ferngully” in Miami

According to mythologies from around the globe — twins — whether they are viewed as ominous or benevolent, are understood as two parts that, together, form a whole. The Haas Brothers (Nikolai and Simon) share some of the classic traits of twins in mythology. For starters, their strengths complement each other and enhance the quality of their work. And it seems their works, which includes a variety of furniture, sculptural objects and other types of design pieces, seems to spring from a mythical place — a fantastical kingdom of flora and fauna produced by wild and imaginative alchemists.

Blouin Artinfo spoke to the duo before their first solo museum exhibit, “Ferngully” at The Bass Museum of Art in Miami (December 5, 2018-April 21, 2019). The talks were about taxonomy of their work, the importance of craftsmanship, and their artistic vision of using fantasy and craft for social impact.

On asking about their artistic vision and if their work was a product of deliberating together and sometimes compromising on things, Nikolai said, “I think we do. From my perspective, when we set up a collection it doesn’t start with one piece necessarily, it’s more like what do we want to achieve with this. And that’s 100 percent a discussion. Simon and I most definitely have very different tastes from one another, like the music we listen to and our personal lifestyles. But when we’re conceiving of something, we’re fully united on that front. Wouldn’t you say, Simon?”

Simon added, “The vision is the same, and our approaches are radically different. Which is really what makes our pieces what they are, I think. Each piece has a more fully considered reality to it because it has both sides. But we’re not battling each other on those decisions. I’ll definitely acquiesce to Niki if we’re talking about a gesture of something because I just know he’s better at that. We respect each other’s artistic boundaries.” 

Nikolai also believes that craft allows them to nail that social and artistic need.

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