Red for St. Valentine’s Day

Red for St. Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day is not far away, and that’s why, on the day of love, we want to celebrate our relationship. Here is one of the collections that are offered to give as gifts, without losing the passion for the color of love and giving away not-so-expected objects.

Like this women’s bicycle from Martone Cycling. It is bike with style, and also a great piece of engineering. It has an aluminum side joint, with a grip on the handlebar width, and a two-speed automatic transmission with built-in brake, without the lever and without cables. It is therefore maintenance-free.

Sung Hee Cho uses collages where the circles are cut and placed on top of each other. The artist combines a traditional sensibility with a personal vision as a way of expressing feelings. Sung Hee Cho’s works explore the relationship between color and texture through a process that requires a lot of work and time. Another offering is “AMOR,” in red and blue. This emblematic sculpture with the word “AMOR” written in Castilian is one of the most well-known contemporary pieces. Robert Indiana originally created the image through a series of paintings, and a year later he conceived his editions of “LOVE” sculptures. These sculptures have become an important part of private and public institutions around the world. Robert Indiana is one of the most recognized artists associated with the Pop Art movement worldwide. His work consists of classic images and iconic images that represent this movement.

Bella Freud presents her shirt with cotton print with a message “Love is the Drug” in white. Bella Freud is inspired by some of the most emblematic stars of music for her products, and this shirt is no exception. Soft cotton cut, printed with the phrase “Love is the Drug” on the front, is a reference to the 1975 song by Roxy Music. Like fall, you can see the embroidered motif of the dog in the sleeve, originally drawn by the designer’s father, Lucien. Dolce & Gabbana proposes this fun scarf Silk Stamped, showing the influence of religion on the collection of the brand. Baroque influence maintains its strength but tends to reinvent itself in a more modern way. Representing drawings of Pop Art, they close this funny and classic image. Gucci and its heart-shaped acetate sunglasses in red keeps the 1980s aesthetic alive. Made of bright red acetate, this pair of heart-shaped glasses with golden bumblebees engraved on the tips and pink lenses highlight its retro side. 

Founder: Louise Blouin 


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