Polishing Up For TEFAF Maastricht 2019

Polishing Up For TEFAF Maastricht 2019

While many of the world’s top international art fairs such as Frieze and Art Basel are known for their specialization in Fine Art, TEFAF Maastricht still sets itself apart by being a fair that spans 7,000 years of art history, with extraordinary museum-quality offerings that include antiquities, ceramics, rare books, furniture, design objects, jewelry, and yes, of course, fine art. The art fair runs from March 16 to March 24 this year.

Originally founded as a fair devoted to Old Masters and antiques, TEFAF has been redefining its sales categories over the decades, and since 2016, new leadership for the fair has tried to build its global brand identity, adding two TEFAF fairs in New York, in spring and fall, and making some changes to the selection process and the vetting policy.

This year, TEFAF welcomes 38 new participants to the fair, such as Galerie Eberwein of Paris, specialists in Egyptian antiquities; Siegelson of New York, offering rare, collectible jewelry; Pierre Marie Giraud of Belgium, presenting modern and contemporary ceramics, glass and decorative arts; and Galerie Monbrison of Paris, which will present African and Oceanic tribal art and antiquities.

Thirteen of the new participants will be in the Modern and Contemporary section, including the international mega-galleries Pace, Sprüth Magers, Simon Lee and Galerie Gmurzynska. Mathias Rastorfer, chief executive officer and co-owner of Gmurzynska, based in Zurich, said that his gallery participated in TEFAF Maastricht for a stint during the 2000s, but dropped out after a few years in part because he felt the Modern section was “an uneven mix” of galleries, and that “didn’t help the prestige of the section.”

The fair’s chief executive officer Patrick van Maris said that the focus remained on presenting a panoply of art and objects, across history.

“TEFAF offers nine art sections, presented by 276 art connoisseurs, covering 7,000 years of art,” he said. “We will continue to make sure we have high standards in all sections, guided by our strong vetting and selection committees. It is one of the pillars of TEFAF.”

Among the ancient items offered in this year’s fair is a Roman marble of a draped torso of the god of medicine, Asklepios, from the second century A.D., a copy of the fourth century B.C. Greek original, known as the “Campana Asklepios.” The statue once belonged to the respected French art dealer and historian Jacques Bacri, and has recently come into the hands of the London gallery Charles Ede Ltd., which has priced it at around £235,000, or $310,000.

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