Photographs Auction at Ader, Paris, June 13

Photographs Auction at Ader, Paris, June 13

A photography auction, offering works by famous photographers, will take place at Ader, Favart auction house, Paris on June 13, 2019.

The top lots at this sale include:

— “Giant Polaroid Day,” January 20, 1997 — Peter Beard (1938); Large-format Polaroid (single piece) signed, dated, captioned, and enhanced with ink. Carved and painted frame by the artist. Estimate: 20,300 USD - 28,200 USD.

— “Cuzco Children” Peru, 1948 — Irving Penn (1917-2009); Silver print (1960) laminated on cardboard. “Photograph by Penn” stamp and “Conde Nast Publications” stamp on the back of the set. Estimate: 16,900 USD - 22,550 USD.

— “Samuel Beckett,” Paris, October 1989 — Francois-Marie Banier (1947); Silver print signed in ink below, dated and dedicated: “To Patrick Roegiers who hates cries (...) November 28, 2000.” Numerous drawings and writings in ink on the image. Estimate: 11,300 USD - 16,900 USD.

— “Series Untitled (4),” 1970-1971 — Diane Arbus (1923-1971); Silver print drawn by Neil Serkirk (c 1980), signed by Doon Arbus in ink with the stamp “A Diane Arbus photograph,” title, date and numbering 75 ex. on the back side. Estimate: 9,000 USD - 13,500 USD.

— “Keepsake Photographic. Studies and landscapes” — Alphonse de Brebisson — John Stewart — Jean Walther — Fortier and unidentified photographers. Lille, Blanquart-Evrard, Publisher. [c. 1850-1854]. Album in-4 oblong, binder in brown percaline, titled in golden letters on the first dish, composed of 12 prints on salted paper, according to negatives paper, laminated on cardboard. Title page and snakes with captions and some printed credits. Estimate: 6,750 USD - 9,000 USD.

— “Complete kit for daguerreotypist,” c. 1848 — Jules Malacrida (manufacturer); Wooden vintage box with compartments bearing the label of the Malacrida house under the lid: “Malacrida. Engineer. Optician. Mechanic. Manufactures and supplies everything related to the daguerreotype. Factory and shop rue du Coq-Saint-Honore, 11.” Estimate: 6,750 USD - 9,000 USD.

— “Self-Portrait with Eyes Closed,” 1929 — Rene Magritte (1898-1967); Vintage silver photomaton. Estimate: 6,750 USD - 9,000 USD.

— “Nude,” London, 1952 — Bill Brandt (1904-1983); Silver print (c.1970), laminated on cardboard and signed in ink on the assembly on the lower right. Estimate: 6,750 USD - 9,000 USD.


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