Panamarenko’s “Codex and other unique works” at Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery

Panamarenko’s “Codex and other unique works” at Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery

Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery is exhibiting Panamarenko’s “Codex and other unique works” through September 16, 2018. Works in this exhibit are preserved in a private collection, in the form of a book consisting of 134 pages in the form of cards, in six chapters containing 168 drawings and 65 manuscripts that Panamarenko made between 1972 and 1975 and which form the pivot of Panamarenko’s oeuvre.

“The exhibition also includes some typical works of Panamarenko such as the model for the Raven’s ‘Variable Matrix’, the ‘Umbilly-wing’, an original variant of the Zeppelin, and ‘The Aeromodeller,’” the gallery says.

“Panamarenko started his codex in the 1970s just as Leonardo da Vinci kept his codex. The codex provides a unique insight into the thinking and design process of the Antwerp artist. The ‘Panamarenko Codex’, which can be labeled as the artistic testimony to the creation of his oeuvre, disappeared for years in a private collection and is now being shown for the first time in years in its entirety,” adds the gallery.

It contains the original designs, drawings and manifestos of his innovative theories about the helicopter as the winner of the airspace, the space theory to shoot an atom with a one-off impulse, the flapping method of insect wings, flying with manpower and driving with jet drive.

The works produced with exceptional precision show the earliest designs for his later planes, which we know as the imposing flying boat “Scotch Gambit”, the aircraft “Umbilly”, “U-Kontrol” and “Propslibelle” and the rubber car “Polistes.”

“Codex” also records the new definition of the artist Panamarenko as an engineer and scientist. Until then, he was mainly associated with happenings, performances and poetic objects. It was only after Joseph Beuys informed him science can also be shown as art, a new door opens for him.

Panamarenko, born Henri Van Herwegen — now 78 years old — steered his career as an active artist in 2005 at the end of the vast and glorious retrospective devoted to him at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels. He has also designed a revolutionary submarine, the “Zemblaya” and other heterogeneous objects from his imagination.

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