Oskar Kokoschka at Kunsthaus Zurich

Oskar Kokoschka at Kunsthaus Zurich

A retrospective of artist Oskar Kokoschka will be hosted by Kunsthaus Zurich from December 14, 2018, through March 10, 2019.

Oskar Kokoschka (1886–1980) belongs to that generation of artists such as Francis Picabia and Pablo Picasso, who stuck to figurative painting after World War II, even as abstract art started taking over the art scene. It is for these artists as written in the official release that, “non-representational painting and figurative art can now be practiced side by side without partisan feuding.” Artists value “the gestural articulation of his [Kokoschka’s] brushwork, praise his open-minded, cosmopolitan attitudes or share the pacifism that, especially after the traumatic experiences of World War I, runs like a thread through Kokoschka’s work, life and legacy.”

Consisting of 200 works, this show marks Kokoschka’s first retrospective in Switzerland in 30 years. One of the main highlights is the artist’s monumental triptych “Prometheus,” which has never before been seen in Switzerland. The exhibition traces the motifs and the motivation behind the artist’s work, who traveled and lived in no fewer than five countries.

According to the release, “Curator Catherine Hug has brought together 100 paintings and an equal number of works on paper, photographs, and letters from all phases of his career.”

Despite the fact that the Nazis referred to Kokoschka’s work as ‘degenerate,’ the artist was least affected and created commissions for celebrated figures from the world of arts, politics, and literature.

“In exile he becomes an indomitable champion of freedom, democracy and human rights; a humanist whose work is broad enough to encompass everything from landscapes and portraits to mythological figures and metaphors denouncing the horrors of war and defending the power of love and the beauty of nature. It is this independent-minded artistic language of political protest that makes Kokoschka unique,” the release adds.


For details please visit:https://ende.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/3356030/oskar-kokoschka-retrospective-at-kunsthaus-zurich

Artist Biography:https://ende.blouinartinfo.com/artists/oskar-kokoschka-4282


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