Museum of Art and Design

Museum of Art and Design

Outfitting a room with Modern art, craft and designs often means investing in objects similar to what is showcased at the Museum of Art and Design. In addition to drawing inspiration from the museum, in the vitrine we focus on striking outfits and décor that shine a spotlight on contemporary themes and trendy fashion.

Swirling into the top of the vitrine is the “LG Blossom Bwl” from the Museum of Art and Design. A creation from Robert Jones, it reflects his passion for using computer design and laser cutting. The bowl, which draws inspiration from a wooden wind spinner, is laser cut from a single piece of Baltic Birch wood. Created with minimal wastage, it is glued together by hand to ensure the final product has a unique three-dimensional appearance. 

A contemporary ensemble, ideal for a day of shopping, requires the right dress. The “Geometrical Print Shift Dress” is one such modern styled offering from Celine and is designed by Phoebe Philo. Featuring a graphic print on lightweight white silk, the sleeveless dress is perfect for summer and falls above the knee. 

Setting up a dining space involves outfitting a dining table with glassware, and the “Sphere Glass” available from the Museum of Art and Design has terrific contemporary style. The piece, a creation from Nate Cotterman, showcases his expertise in glass blowing and comes with a glass sphere fused within the outer walls, and it can be frozen and used to chill drinks. 

Revolutionary style and design combine in the “Champagne flute,” created by Felicia Ferrone. Available in a set of two, the flutes with minimalist design can be used on both sides. When in use, the hollow opposite end of the flute causes water or champagne within to appear to float on a table.

Bringing a blue hued attraction to a space is the “Blue Sunset oval vase,” created by Siemon & Salazar. The hand-blown glass vase is inspired by the frozen ice flows in a glacier and the veins of dark and light blue appear to shift. Finally, the “Designer chair” from Howard Meister, which is created from painted white wood with a wavy finish, is a fully functional piece. It is designed to fit seamlessly into a contemporary styled space, where it can be paired with similar hued furniture or it can be slid under a dining table. 

Founder: Louise Blouin 


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