“Landmarks of 20th Century American Art” at Forum Gallery, New York

“Landmarks of 20th Century American Art” at Forum Gallery, New York

An exhibition showcasing 20th Century American Art titled “Landmarks of 20th Century American Art” will feature 30 singularly important works of art dating from 1917 to 1991. It can be described as a journey through the history of Forum Gallery as well as the history of American art of the 20th century.

“Each work in the show represents a point of departure for the artist and for American art. An early, still life painting by Willem de Kooning, created between 1928 and 1929, is shown alongside an influential abstraction by Arshile Gorky from the same years. Each of these is a precursor of works, and whole movements, to come. Elie Nadelman’s ‘Two Circus Women,’ a seminal life-size plaster sculpture from the same time, is now a well-known image, as it served as the model for the monumental, marble sculpture in the promenade of the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. Major still life paintings by Preston Dickinson and Marsden Hartley from the 1920s are these artists’ unique impressions of their subjects, while a rare, abstract painting by Man Ray is more an expression of the act of painting itself,” writes the gallery.

On view is a striking and elegant 1935 terra cotta and silver sculpture “Leaning Figure” by Alexander Archipenko that will be shown with a “Mother and Child” oil on canvas by Arshile Gorky from 1937. Along with this, an iconic “Barn Abstraction” painting by Charles Sheeler from the 1940s — and a rare, major oil painting, “Sea and Boat Fantasy” by John Marin and a startlingly original, pivotal oil by the African-American master, Norman Lewis, will be show-stealers.

Social realist examples by Philip Evergood and Raphael Soyer; a mystical and mysterious portrait of his muse by the iconoclast, John Graham; an abstracted portrait of critic, Harold Rosenberg, by Elaine de Kooning; an elegant wood-and-found-object sculpture by Louise Nevelson and important paintings by Gregory Gillespie and George Tooker will be on display too.

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