Jeff Koons at Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Jeff Koons at Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Ashmolean Museum in Oxford is hosting an exhibition by internationally recognized Contemporary American Pop artist and sculptor Jeff Koons. On view through June 9, 2019, the event is curated by the artist himself with guest curator Norman Rosenthal and features 17 important works of his career, 14 of which have never been exhibited in the UK.

According to the museum, from his earliest works, “Koons has explored the ‘readymade’ and appropriated image using unadulterated found objects, and created painstaking replicas of ancient sculptures and Old Master paintings that almost defy belief in their craftsmanship and precision. Throughout his career, he has pushed at the boundaries of Contemporary Art practice, stretching the limits of what is possible.”

Apart from his recent works, Koons is also showcasing some of his most important works from the 1980s, such as “One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank” (Spalding Dr. J 241 Series) (1985); “Rabbit” (1986); and “Ushering in Banality” (1988).

In more recent works, the artist has explored his ‘cultural DNA’ using sculptures and paintings from world-famous collections that have personal meaning for him. “The Gazing Ball” series (2012 onward) positions perfectly blown reflective glass spheres on casts of ancient sculptures, meticulously painted replicas of European masterpieces, and museum-style plaster-casts of mundane objects such as mailboxes and birdbaths. This reflects Koons’ experiments of meeting high art and the vernacular while engaging in a new way with the art of the past. Shown in the UK for the first time are seven works from the series, including “Gazing Ball” (Belvedere Torso) (2013), “Gazing Ball” (Gericault Raft of the Medusa) (2014–15), and “Gazing Ball” (Titian Diana and Actaeon) (2014–15).

According to curator Norman Rosenthal, “Jeff Koons’ work plays with our memories of childhood and our educated cultural experiences as he blends high and low culture, inviting us to challenge the distinction as we gaze at art and at ourselves. Putting his work in the Ashmolean — the first museum in the very heart of academia, Oxford University — we can take his experiment a step further. For those of us willing to share in his visions, Jeff Koons makes art a magical transformation.”


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