“Jean Gorin Today” at Galerie Lahumière, Paris

“Jean Gorin Today” at Galerie Lahumière, Paris

“Jean Gorin Today” hosted by Galerie Lahumière, Paris,looks at the French neoplastic painter and constructive sculptor again 20 years after an exhibition at the same gallery. The works are on view through December 21, 2018.

As per the official release, Marianne Le Pommere wrote in the gallery catalogue: “As the maker in 1930 of the first neoplastic relief — lauded by Mondrian, who viewed it as an architectural work — Gorin devoted his career to demonstrating the link between painting and architecture. He was an architect-painter.”

Le Pommere adds, “His multivisual spatio-temporal compositions, as they are somewhat weightily called, are constructions in which all components — lines, planes, and colors — are dissymmetrically juxtaposed in order to create rhythm. There are contrasts between verticality and horizontality on the surface and in depth, and contrasts between colors (only the primaries, which remain separated by neutral hues). This new plasticity was abstract and rational to the extent of seeking to base its constructive principles on mathematical laws and its execution on neutral, or impersonal, craft. Gorin only achieved it by following a determined path.”

Gorin was born in 1899 to a family of modest artisans. He enrolled in the school of fine arts in Nantes, where he drew from life models and copied 19th century masters, painting a few Impressionist sketches. He was drafted and then taken as a prisoner after World War I. He secretly made a living as a barber even as he continued working in a cubist, then purist, spirit, based on his readings. The greatest French disciple of Mondrian, he was known for his three-dimensional reliefs by further pushing the limits of neoplasticism by introducing circles and diagonals. Gorin always used the primary colors of bright red, light yellow and ultramarine blue on white and black backgrounds, creating very unusual polychrome sculptures.  


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