A cold, frosty sensation is something that everyone looks forward to in the heat of summer. The feeling has inspired both fashion and designers.

Juan and Paloma Garrido’s “Cuspide Ice Bucket” is a new work that has an aesthetic and formal borders. It is based on a stability of shapes. Both creators discover space and proportion with freedom with their workmanship. Juan and Paloma engage the manual approaches used for centuries in the creation of attractive silver objects. 

JonOne’s “Snow,” a Boccara artistic rug, was created with wool and natural silk and is a limited edition piece.

In the “Lathe III” chair, Sebastian Brajkovic turns the familiar 17th century chair and raises up a lively alter truth, where things themselves can be actually stretched and dragged as if in a digital programmer. The chair has silk embroidered upholstery.

British artist Wilhelmina Barns-Graham’s “Variation on a Theme (Splintered ice No.2),” 1987, harks back to the glacier paintings of the early 1950s but was inspired by the crushed ice covering a dried-out pool, perceived on a winter’s afternoon walk. The sparks of color at the end is suggestive of the waste she observed in the Grindelwald glacier back in 1949.

Stella McCartney’s “Icy Ice Square-frame Acetate Sunglasses — Green” is a stellar piece of eyewear. This pair of sunglasses is designed in a square-frame contour and completed from transparent bio-acetate in a cool light-green hue. 

The “Ice Cube Pure Necklace” is inspired by the idea of ice cubes, their cubic geometrical figure and icy sharpness.

The twist-front paneled cotton-poplin shirt in light blue from JW Aderson is designed to keep you cool. This shirt is cut from pieces of pure and barred cotton-poplin that are wrapped at the front in an appropriate way.