Hostler Burrows Gallery Highlights Ceramic Works at FOG Design+Art fair in San Francisco

Hostler Burrows Gallery Highlights Ceramic Works at FOG Design+Art fair in San Francisco

Showcased by New York-based Hostler Burrows, artists Kristina Riska, Babs Haenen, and Jasmin Anoschkin’s ceramic works were on the spotlight at the recently held FOG Design+Art fair in San Francisco.

Scandinavia’s foremost contemporary ceramic artist, since the 1980s, Kristina Riska has been exploring, defying, and redefining the traditional tenets of ceramic sculpture. Her large-scale works are inspired by nature and the properties of light and shadow.  The new body of works explore what is physically possible in the medium of clay. Describing the artist’s practice, the gallery states: “She often begins the conceptualization of her works on paper, yet the design ultimately takes shape spontaneously as she works with the material. In this sense, her process is a foray into the unknown; with each unplanned, instinctive manipulation of the clay, she establishes a non-physical ‘internal’ space. Thus, we sense a powerful serenity in her work, an energy that emanates from the undulating, fluid curves and organic palette of glazes. These seemingly delicate sculptures belie an amazing structural integrity, achieved through Riska’s consummate skills.”

Babs Haenen is known to create expressive and impressionistic ceramics such as organic vessels that give equal importance to color, line, and form. Her works are influenced by Abstract painting and landscape motifs. According to the gallery, “Babs Haenen creates evocative porcelain sculptures in which the aspects of form, line, and color bear equal weight and seem to ‘dance’ together as one whole. Greatly influenced by Abstract art, her works are expressed in a painterly fashion. Landscape motifs travel in freeform successions of contours and biomorphic waves; the sculptures brim with the movement of the natural world, recalling the vagaries of the wind, earth, water, and sky all at once.”

Multimedia artist Jasmin Anoschkin sculpts primarily in ceramic and wood. As the gallery says, “Anoschkin’s exuberant aesthetic springs from an amalgam of sources, melding the languages of contemporary folk art, pop culture, and the toy industry. The artist’s sculptures of hybrid animals are conjured from her own fantasy world and personal experiences.”


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