Honey Bee

Honey Bee

Honey is one of the most natural and powerful ingredients in the world. It has been used for health and beauty for ages. Life without the existence of bees would not be possible because it is one of the most vital species in nature. We wanted to give tribute to this ingredient and its beautiful color, and how it has also influenced the cultural and design world.

Charles Ephraim Burchfield’s “The Fragrance of Spring (Bee Hepaticas),” ca. 1962, is a unique piece in watercolor, chalk on paper and charcoal. He was a visionary artist, mostly known by his vision of scenes from nature. Christophe Côme works in the great tradition of artists and craftsmen. His work draws great inspiration from architectural and contemporary sculpture that is influenced by nature. Côme’s “Honey Silver Cabinet,” 2017, has iron and glass roundels with oxidized silver leaf.

Terhi Tolvanen’s “Jungle Honey Flower” also is featured. Tolvanen has grown up working as a silversmith at the Lahti Design Institute in Lahti (1989-1993). She continued her passion for jewelry and started to design her first pieces. Her work is well-known for the use of materials such as ceramic, wood, silver or pearls. She is mainly inspired by nature and how it influences humans and our lives. 

Jacqueline Ryan’s “Criss-Cross Bee Wing Necklace” is also a great piece of jewelry. Ryan, a British designer, specializes in jewelry and metalwork. She has followed the creation of honey and the work of bees to create this special piece. The Purple Sack purse, Honeycomb Black Clutch, is a very natural representation of nature in a very elegant but fun style. The “Donegal Honey Bottle Green” sunglasses are another fun piece. The sunglasses from The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear have a distinctly British feel. The sunglasses have a squared honey-colored frame and green lenses. All hinges are hand-tightened by craftsmen.

The “Royal Manuka” is pure Manuka honey from New Zealand. It has been selected by Alexandre Stern for its exquisite orange peel aroma and its unique health properties.


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