Highlights from Blouin Art+Auction February 2019

Highlights from Blouin Art+Auction February 2019

“Insiders know the art world can be a law unto itself. Outsiders, we realize, cannot comprehend the ultra-exclusive environment where crudely drawn paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat of childishly comic figures exceed $100 million,” says Blouin Art+Auction. “How can an ordinary person understand an auction when well-heeled buyers battle to push up prices of a Picasso by $1 million or more a time? Each increment is enough to buy a home or pension.”

This spring, collectors will be looking inward at the Monet and Hockney works in rival auctions. The question may be who will be buying bragging rights with these works. This is an art crowd that can look outward too, getting nervous about external political or financial uncertainty. Stock-market crashes have resulted in even billionaire collectors holding back from big purchases. 

In this edition of Blouin Art+Auction, we see interviews from collectors and experts around the world. Spain, for example, may have fewer worries about Brexit. The director of ARCOmadrid, Carlos Urroz, talks about the Spanish capital city’s upcoming art fair. 

Similarly, Jagdip Jagpal, the director of the India Art Fair, speaks of her vision for the future, while Touria El Glaoui, the founder of the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, discusses its evolution. The gallerist Tim Van Laere also sees expansion and is preparing to open a new architect-designed space in Antwerp.

The latest column by the art historian Michael Prodger takes a close look at the German art market, led by the top-priced quartet of Gerhard Richter, Georg Baselitz, Anselm Kiefer and Sigmar Polke. Prodger analyzes the millions of data points in the Blouin Art Sales Index to reveal those with the strongest commercial potential.

The issue also looks into how a weaker euro and British pound may restrict the activities of some European and especially UK collectors. It may make locally denominated auctions in Europe look even better value for other nations. 

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