Günther Förg’s “A Fragile Beauty” at Dallas Museum of Art

Günther Förg’s “A Fragile Beauty” at Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) is showcasing Günther Förg’s “A Fragile Beauty” — the most comprehensive survey to date of the artist, which will be on view through January 27, 2019. 

DMA is the first American museum exhibition dedicated to the artist in nearly three decades. The works on display bring together over 40 years of the artist’s multimedia practice — including works on paper, photography, sculpture, and rarely-exhibited late-career paintings — to provide new insights on the practice and enduring influence of this extraordinary and complex artist. 

“While Förg was actively engaged with art history and the legacy of the masters of Modernism, his work displays an irreverence that straddles generations and ideologies prevalent in postwar Germany and beyond,” writes the gallery. “Rather than a broadly chronological view, the presentation creates juxtapositions between series and works, demonstrating concerns that the artist returned to throughout his life. The exhibition pivots around these recurrent themes, from his interest in photography and architecture to his revisions of modernist formal motifs in painting and sculpture involving the monochrome, the grid, materiality, and color theory. Förg’s works undeniably fascinate, with their vivid plays of color, spatial relationships, and exploration of material. Yet his multi-media practice frustrates a traditional understanding of beauty. Surfaces imply destruction, reproductions are deliberately imperfect, paint is applied quickly and unevenly, suggesting that achieving an ideal of aesthetic pleasure is far less compelling than an exploration of its limits.” 

Günther Förg’s “A Fragile Beauty” is organized in collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, and, in close dialogue with the artist’s estate. “A Fragile Beauty” builds on both institutions’ histories with the artist. It also includes major loans from private collections and notable German institutions such as the Städel Museum, Frankfurt, and the Staatliche Graphische Sammlung, Munich. The exhibition is accompanied by a full color, 250-page catalogue, with contributions by Kirsty Bell, Gavin Delahunty, Lisa Le Feuvre, Liam Gillick, Megan Luke, Lauren Richman, Beatrix Ruf, Jeffrey Saletnik and Matthew Witkovsky providing deep, scholarly engagement with the artist’s work.


Founder: Louise Blouin   



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