Group Show “The Eighties” at David Nolan Gallery, New York

Group Show “The Eighties” at David Nolan Gallery, New York

David Nolan Gallery, New York, is hosting “The Eighties,” on view through April 13, 2019. The exhibition is a survey of drawings by an international group of artists who received particular attention during this decade. It follows “Drawing Space: 1970-1983,” which the gallery presented in 2018, and focused primarily on art from the previous decade.

The exhibition features works by Georg Baselitz, Francesco Clemente, Robert Colescott, Enzo Cucchi, Carroll Dunham, Mike Kelley, Mel Kendrick, Martin Kippenberger, Elizabeth Murray, Jim Nutt, Albert Oehlen, A. R. Penck, Sigmar Polke, Susan Rothenberg, Kiki Smith, Philip Taaffe, Rosemarie Trockel, and Terry Winters.

German painter, printmaker, and sculptor Georg Baselitz is a pioneering Neo-Expressionist who rejected abstraction in favor of recognizable subject matter, deliberately employing a raw style of rendering and a heightened palette in order to convey direct emotion. Francesco Clemente made drawings and other works on paper in the 1970s, pursuing what would become his signature subjects: the human form, particularly women’s bodies; his own image; sexuality; myth and spirituality; non-Western symbols; and dreamlike visions.

An internationally known and sometimes controversial artist, Robert Colescott has long explored the social questions of our times with both seriousness and wit. His topics range from the mundane to the profound, touching on race, history, sex and power.

Enzo Cucchi, a native of Morro d’Alba, province of Ancona, was a key member of the Italian Transavanguardia movement, along with his countrymen Francesco Clemente, Mimmo Paladino, Nicola De Maria and Sandro Chia. Since 1990, Jim Nutt has focused exclusively on female heads in spare-line drawings and rich, detailed paintings. Carroll Dunham is known for his paintings of cartoonish, humanoid forms such as penis-nosed men, bulbous shapes reminiscent of sexual or digestive organs, and direct, humorous compositions of exposed vaginas.

Mike Kelley took a scalpel to late 20th century American popular culture, estranging the familiar and exposing society’s dark underbelly in works that were as wide-ranging in their subject matter as they were inventive in choice and combination of media. American painter Elizabeth Murray’s oeuvre span styles from a Minimalist use form and color to bold, cartoonish Surrealism. Mel Kendrick is an American artist, known primarily for his sculptural work in wood, bronze, rubber, paper and, most recently, cast concrete. 

Founder: Louise Blouin 


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