Graff Diamonds Pays Tribute to Cy Twombly and Modern Art

Graff Diamonds Pays Tribute to Cy Twombly and Modern Art

Graff Diamonds draws inspiration from artist Cy Twombly in the latest creations and has elegantly transformed his swirl laden work into stunning high jewelry.

“Art cannot be separated from the process of creating jewelry and Graff Diamonds has long acknowledged and paid tribute to artists in their jewelry and timepieces. This year the company that has expanded worldwide since its formation by Laurence Graff in the 1960s, has gone one step further and created pieces that are directly influenced by the art of Cy Twombly. With Twombly’s art fetching several million dollars at auctions, the demand for this work has grown over the years and his imprint on the collection results in eye-catching pieces,” writes Blouin Artinfo.

The new Cy Twombly inspired pieces include necklaces and earrings, which showcase the importance that Laurence Graff places on Modern Art. There is a diamond laden necklace that features swirls that Twombly often created on blackboards — and is transformed into elegant curves that flow into each other. It is interesting to see that suspended on each loop of the necklace are blazing diamonds with a distinctive pear shape.

“The largest of the pear-shaped stones is at the center, and their size gradually tapers toward the edges. Alternating with these are round stones that are set at a lower level. Swirl laden Ruby and Diamond earrings are also present in the collection and these are set with round diamonds. White stones however are the main focus in the Diamond Earrings which feature continuous loops that cascade downwards and end in pear shaped diamonds,” adds Blouin Artinfo.

Twombly started creating his first Abstract sculptures around 1955, which, although varied in shape and material, were always coated with white paint. He worked on a larger scale and distanced himself from his former Expressionist scribbles and moved toward a more literal use of text and numbers, drawing inspiration from poetry, mythology, and classical history.

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