Gemvara Announces Game Changer in Custom-Made Jewelry

Gemvara  Announces Game Changer in Custom-Made Jewelry

Known to be the first to offer customers both center and accent lab-grown and mined diamond options in customizable jewelry, Gemvara recently introduced its signature customizable design tool, the 5th C — Choice.

According to the jewelry brand, the customizable design tool is the first of its kind to offer lab-grown diamonds as accent stones, for the innumerable jewelry styles, which includes both bridal and fashion designs for other occasions. Providing this feature of broader selection of diamonds, Gemvara is now the first and only ring builder tool that allows consumers to choose between mined or lab-grown diamonds and gemstones in all elements of the complete design.

One of the jewel pieces from the company’s lab is the Gemvara lab diamond round diamond solitaire. The lab diamond round diamond halo comes with lab diamond accents. It also has aquamarine cushion halo with lab diamond accents.

As per the official release, Lee Senderov, Richline Group’s President of Digital says, “We could not be more excited to expand the choices for our customers, and to be the first to offer lab-grown accent diamonds. Gemvara was founded on the principle of customer empowerment and offering a wide variety of meaningful choices. This new addition is much more than just the choice of lab or mined diamonds or gemstones. We are now offering our customers options that will ultimately give them greater satisfaction and allow them to fully customize their own jewelry experience.”

The bespoke jewelry allows the customer to hand pick stones from an unrivaled selection of solitaire, three-stone, and rose gold and create the perfect ring for any occasion.

Gemvara’s unique approach to fine jewelry empowers customers to combine these exciting new materials with an array of precious metals and fine jewelry designs. Apart from the lab-grown diamonds offered by the company, the brand also provides a selection of lab-grown sapphires, rubies and emeralds to its innovative direct-to-consumer site.


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