Early Formative Works by Günther Förg at Galerie Max Hetzler, London

Early Formative Works by Günther Förg at Galerie Max Hetzler, London

Galerie Max Hetzler, London, is showcasing early formative works by Günther Förg in an exhibition titled “An Intimate Encounter: The Early Years.” 

On view through April 6, 2019, the exhibition follows the recent survey show of the artist at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Dallas Museum of Art, Texas. 

It brings together paintings, large-scale photographs, and sculpture dating from 1977 through 1995. It highlights “the tactile and ephemeral qualities of Förg’s work across his multidisciplinary practice” and focuses on the materiality of the artist’s early creations. According to the gallery, “this exhibition creates an environment in which to consider the human touch within his oeuvre.”

The photographs on view at the exhibition reflect “notion of time’s passage and the ephemerality of the lived experience.” The works on view are intimate portraits of fleeting moments and spaces that are temporarily inhabited. Such as the “Pinakothek München,” 1983, “Untitled (Treppenhaus),” 1984, and “Villa Malaparte, Capri,” 1984, each featuring staircases as spaces of transition, physically capturing the transition of time.

Also on display are Förg’s early paintings with strong block colors that emphasize the notion of seriality, repetition, gesture and tactility. 

“For Förg, the monochromatic shapes both challenge and complement the spaces in which they are installed, reflecting back a sense of how space can be divided and rearranged in a playful and intelligent manner,” the gallery adds. 

The works brings to light the contradictions that the artist enjoyed bringing together.

The energy of creation is still present in the brushstrokes and captured stills in each of these works. The show provides a space for reflecting on Förg’s use of materials and his seamless body of work across mediums.

The artist became interested in photography in the early 1980s, and these works countered contemporary convention. The tall reflective glass surface tends to engage the viewer in the present moment “and through their sheer scale the works embed themselves in the built environment around them,” the gallery adds.

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