Ding Yi’s “Grids” at Galerie Karsten Greve, Paris

Ding Yi’s “Grids” at Galerie Karsten Greve, Paris

Galerie Karsten Greve, Paris, is hosting an exhibition by Chinese painter Ding Yi titled “Grids,” through March 2, 2019.

Born in 1962, in Shanghai, Ding Yi has been making abstract paintings using crosses and grids since the late 1980s. The painter has created these using variants of the sign “+.” The exhibition features a selection of about 10 oil-on-canvas pieces from the series “Appearance of Crosses,” along with another series of works on paper that has been especially made for this exhibition.

According to the gallery, “In Ding Yi’s painting the sign ‘+’ is stripped of all semantic references, having been selected for its simplicity and universality. Any narrative is banished to leave room for an exploratory study, whose singular subject is the essence of painting itself: in other words, it is the relationship between shape and color and their interaction with space. Ding Yi works therefore on the effects of layering and juxtaposing the symbol ‘+’ in various colors, most often on a monochrome background. He is interested in the effect that pattern clustering has on the surface according to specific shades, proportions, or the properties of the materials.”

His earlier pieces, according to the gallery, eliminated any trace of the painter’s subjectivity and reduced to a bare minimum any residue of his own physical involvement in the piece. The process was done by using a ruler and cellotape.

From 1991, the artist went a step ahead by abandoning all tools and painting free hand in order to liberate his creative process. Later on, he opened this process up to include unusual materials such as tartan, corrugated cardboard, or more recently, painting on wood done using a wedging technique.

“The visual effect depends on the distance the onlooker is from the piece: from farther away, one can see ever-changing color schemes outlining trajectories, or grids. Whereas closer up, the observer may discover a surface overflowing with elements, an impenetrable web wherein close-fitting consecutive marks hinder any perception of depth,” says the gallery.


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