December 2018 edition of Art+Auction Highlights

December 2018 edition of Art+Auction Highlights

The December issue of Art+Auction Highlights takes a sneak peak at collectors who can make the art world go round — Collectors with influence and millions to spend. Considering that the entry level is quite low, it is rather simple for anyone to call himself or herself an art collector. However, two works with a minimal value are enough to qualify, or possibly even one work if the owner expresses the desire to acquire more.

The preeminent collectors that have come up in the press over the last few years include the Arnaults, the Broads, the Cohens and more. 

“Our list includes some of the usual suspects in the collecting sphere: Roman Abramovich, David Geffen, Kenneth Griffin, Eric de Rothschild and Steve Wynn. However, we use our in-depth knowledge of the auction and gallery market to name many others who may be less familiar. The market is changing with fresh names starting to surface such as Laurene Powell Jobs. The list could go on, with deep-pocket nations, private institutions and others spending on their collections. Rumors abound about private museums devoted to Picasso, Faberge and surreal art,” writes Blouin Artinfo.

Historian Michael Prodger takes an in-depth look at that market of surreal art. BASI (Blouin Art Sales Index) statistics reveal that sales have been growing erratically, with sharp annual rises followed by some retrenchment, though there is still potential for much more. 

According to the numbers, Salvador Dali prices fall well short of some other famous artists of the same era. At the time of writing, his $16.3 million auction record, in particular, doesn’t compare with Picasso.

Even as the debate regarding the guaranteed lots in auctions is on, Mark Beech’s ‘On the Block’ column raises the question of what guarantees mean for speculators, sellers and buyers. At the top of the December sale range are some pre-Raphaelites and also a Sir Anthony van Dyck Royal portrait that may make £8 million (about $10 million) —though there are cheaper items for those with less deep pockets.

A collector of Old Masters, Pop Art and works from the English School — Eric de Rothschild says, “I’ve bought everything, nearly, except Impressionists. I never found them very exciting.”

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