“Coromandel” Collection Takes Inspiration from Gabrielle Chanel

“Coromandel” Collection Takes Inspiration from Gabrielle Chanel

Chanel débuted its new haute joaillerie collections at the Paris Fashion Week in Grand Palais de Paris. Chanel is an iconic brand that is constantly re-evolving itself and pulling inspiration from a magic box. Their innovative ideas for new collections based on the brand’s eponymous founder comes from everlasting camellia motif, the golden lions, the gentle glow of pearls, and eternal diamonds — that have adorned endless Chanel pieces. Chanel’s creative designers took their inspiration from the holy grail of Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel herself for the latest collection, in particular, the apartment on the Rue Cambon. The jewelry decorated wooden dressing screens she kept there seem to have been decorated with the lacquer painting technique “Coromandel” — popular in the late Ming period depictions of fantastical palaces, clouds, birds of paradise and floral gardens by 17th and 18th century Chinese maestros.

Gabrielle Chanel discovered a passion for Chinese art and decorated dressing screens back in 1910 through the financier Boy Capel. For her, these pieces were a door to personal happiness and contentment, rather than mere objects of interior design.

Gabrielle Chanel added more than 30 decorative dressing screens to her apartment and these were also used to change the layout of her rooms, as well as employing them as scenery in her fashion shows. Currently, there are eight screens on display at the famous apartments on Rue Cambon.

As a tribute to Chinese craftsmen and to Gabrielle Chanel, the designers and jewelers of the French house have transformed the principal motifs of these art objects and created 59 unique pieces. All of these jewelry pieces share a singular design theme. To enhance the link to the Eastern aesthetics, Chanel’s designers turned to materials and colors, which convey the complex palette of Coromandel screens. These include yellow diamonds, orange Spessartite garnets, mysteriously iridescent mother-of-pearl, green Colombian emeralds, ruby beads, and fabulous tourmalines — while the black lacquer is reflected in the use of onyx. The overall collection comprises of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and watches.


Founder: Louise Blouin    



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