Coral Twist

Coral Twist

Drawing inspiration from fiery red and pink hued precious coral, which is used in jewelry, this vitrine shines like a gemstone. Coral in the vitrine is showcased in jewelry, while its hues flow into a trendy dress, and is used to create striking art that adds a pop of color to a space.

Natural red coral branches lends it shape to the “Mirror with coral pattern,” created by Robert Goossens in the 1970-1979 period. Gilt bronze is used to line the mirror and create an outline for the central piece of glass, and it is also used to form the coral branches.

Summer is the time for coral hues that bring a breath of fresh air as seen in the “Coral Gown.” It importantly has a shade of living coral, which has been chosen as the color of the year by the Pantone Color Institute. The gown, designed by John Galliano for Christian Dior, is made from coral hued silk organza that provides it with a slight sheen. The floor-length gown is ideal for a formal party or a red carpet event and has a ruffles flowing along the bust and around the back, while a front pleat provides an added layer of detailing. 

In the “Coral of China necklace,” created by Frédérique Mattei, red coral branches are used to create a chunky necklace. The necklace with its oversized silhouette is characteristic of pieces created by Mattei, under the Ma Tei brand, and consists of coral branches from China. Created by assembling various elements from around the world, it also features vermeil beads from Rajasthan, Ethiopian red glass beads along with brass beads from Ghana and Ivory Coast. 

Coral in many hues again resurfaces in the “Gold and Coral Pendant Necklace,” which consists of a pendant with a striking geometric pattern suspending on a gold necklace. Several squares of pink and red coral form a long panel, which is positioned at the center of the square pendent.

In the “Acrobats,” artist Cyril Power’s expertise in linocut is showcased to the fullest. The piece was inspired by a group of trapeze artists whom Power watched perform at the Bertram Mills Circus in London. Created with a striking red tint, acrobats are seen swinging across the linocut print. The piece showcases the movements that the human body is capable of achieving in the air. 

Founder: Louise Blouin 


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