Christian Louboutin Launches “The LoubiTest” — the New Handbag Campaign for Spring-Summer 2019

Christian Louboutin Launches “The LoubiTest” — the New Handbag Campaign for Spring-Summer 2019

Showcasing the Marie Jane bucket in a variation of colors and embellishments, Christian Louboutin recently introduced “The LoubiTest,” the new handbag campaign for Spring-Summer 2019. The campaign is inspired by “The Marshmallow Test” created in 1960 by Stanford researcher Walter Mischel and explored the capacity to resist temptation.

According to the Christian Louboutin website, “The Marshmallow Test” involved children left in a room with a marshmallow who were challenged not to eat it with the reward of receiving a second one. In this campaign, the three women were invited to participate in “The LoubiTest” have their willpower put to the test as well as they struggle to resist the charm of the latest Louboutin creation — the Marie Jane. The result, as expected proved that they just cannot keep their hands off this new irresistible bag.

According to the Christian Louboutin website, the cast includes Farida Khelfa, Crystal Murray, Sara Waka, Rodica Von Buta as well as Christian Louboutin himself who makes a surprise appearance of catching Sara Waka in the act of succumbing to the Marie Jane. The campaign shows the models carrying the Marie Jane bags: Sara Waka wearing Marie Jane Snow, Crystal Murray carrying Marie Jane Leopard, and Rodica Von Buta carrying Marie Jane Strass.

Christian Louboutin is a French luxury shoe designer whose characteristic red soles have come to epitomize luxury, high fashion and social status in the 21st century. The red soles are instantly identifiable with the designer, who has used various fashion industry titans from Zara to Yves Saint Laurent for the exclusive right to produce shoes with crimson bottoms. Louboutin achieved international renown as his trademark red soles attracted the attention of pop culture producers. For example, Madonna wore his designs in some of her music videos and younger female pop stars have kept up the association — Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears have all sported Louboutin shoes in their music videos as well. With the television show “Sex and the City” featuring Louboutin shoes and Hollywood embracing his designs, his footwear gained iconic status across the world. The company began to produce purses and handbags in 2003 and is a line that is currently growing.  


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