Blue, the color of clear skies, fresh water, and the ocean, is a refreshing and calm tone that brings nothing but good vibes in the summer.

As for your style, we have different suggestions: 

We have Roland Mouret’s Crepe Wide-leg Pants in blue. Mouret is a designer who focuses on each and every detail of his creations to make his clients look and feel more confident. Crepe Wide-leg Pants in blue, made from crepe that flies over the body, are made to heighten the waist and pleated through the wide-leg shape. Cran Blue Gradient Grey sunglasses from The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear are another necessary accessory. The eyeglass maker makes elegant, modest and fresh design frames. These unisex glasses are handmade in Italy and available in two versions: optical and sunglasses. DeWitt’s Blue Empire is a mechanical self-winding movement Rose gold watch and bracelet set with 130 rounds diamonds (approx. 2.2 cts). 

As for the art and design world: Joel Shapiro’s “Untitled (Blue)” is an excellent choice. Shapiro is an American sculptor best known for his woody sculptures of vague human shapes. Distorting the line between figural sculpture and a geometric concept, his work involves painted rectangular wedges organized in alignments that represent figures. 

Merete Rasmussen’s “Blue Loop” is an excellent choice. Rasmussen is a Danish ceramicist based in London. She is well known for the use of neutral matt tops to accentuate her abstract sculptural shapes, which shows a plain continuous surface. The Blue Memphis-style lamp from the 1980s is decorated with blue with white stripes and a wooden base. Morris Barazani’s “Untiled (Blue),” oil on canvas, is an excellent painting to collect. Barazani, a painter and teacher, was born in Highland Park, Michigan, but was raised in Detroit. After serving in the United States Navy from 1943 to 1946, he studied at Stanford University in California before enrolling in the Chicago Institute of Design. Then the school was referred to as the New Bauhaus: Chicago School of Design. 

Founder: Louise Blouin 


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