Après-ski Party

Après-ski Party

The New Year has begun, and the snow season is still with us. There is nothing like spending a weekend on the snow with your family and friends. But, what about the après-ski time? You still want to enjoy as much as possible those hours before going to rest to continue burning energy at the ski slopes. Here is a selection of objects that will provide you with an artsy and elegant après-ski evening.

To keep you warm, Courrèges brings you a Vintage Ski Jumper, a rare piece from circa late 1980s in cream wool knit onesie, textured wool, slim fit cut close to the body, with the details of a turtleneck and a back zipper closing.

Okay, these Fendi Golden Roma Studded Mirrored Ski Goggles are not for après-ski, but they are very special for these occasions. These will make you look glamorous, still with performance and comfort at the forefront. It is made with lightweight polycarbonate frames and mirrored category S3 lenses especially suited to bright light conditions and high luminosity, making them perfect for sunny days on the slopes. They have a wide, adjustable elasticated band woven that is padded with soft foam.

To keep you in style, elegant, and sparkling, Lanvin offers you this Gold-tone Swarovski Crystal Bracelet, crafted from linked hexagons that flex to your wrist shape making it a comfortable piece. It’s studded with sparkling champagne and clear Swarovski crystals. 

Who says you can only enjoy the snow in the mountains. This beautiful and bright piece made by Peter van Breda, “Snow, Trafalgar Square, London,” gives you a wide view of how snow can make the city and the moment much more special. Van Breda is well-known for choosing the subjects of his paintings, and working on them ’en plein air,’ and he draws most of his inspiration from the immediate moment during the process. He works at speed, and to dynamic effect, to capture an effect of light and atmosphere before it changes. His paintings offer bursts of color and a magical evocation of time and place that invites the viewer to share an experience. London is one of the places where van Breda now paints from his studio, providing high stimulus and a solid divergence with the African landscapes he left behind.

“Snow,” signed and numbered, this rug was designed by the famous street artist JonOne, and handwoven in Boccara’s manufacture. This collection brings another vision on the work of artists. Each creation is unique work on its own right, in the continuity of the work of the artist. Artists are selected by Didier Marien according to his tastes, affinities but also depending on the art of rugs criteria. The “artistic rugs” collection is a great success and popular among collectors and some foundations. 

The Fever Table is a gorgeous but fun piece. The table not only resembles the luxury marble from the ancient times, but it also gives the table a color touch, making clear the great connection between the past times and the contemporary movements. 

You can get warm and gourmet with the Vega Sicilia: Valbuena 5 from 2013. Valbuena is the purest expression of the Tinto de Vega Sicilia, parenting between wood and bottle, and reaches a maturity of five years and gives its name to the wine — Valbuena 5th Year. Valbuena is defined and a reserve of great travel and aromatic richness. The wine represents the most modern line of the cellar with a distinctive style of another great red house: One Wines.

Nothing better to finish the day smelling this Edward van Vliet Scented Candle from the  Van Gogh Museum. This scented candle with ceramic holder and fragrance of peach will make you travel and feel like having a long path between the blossom trees in Kyoto.


Founder: Louise Blouin 


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