Antoni Tàpies’ “Xhibition” at Galería Javier López & Fer Francés, Madrid

Antoni Tàpies’ “Xhibition” at Galería Javier López & Fer Francés, Madrid

Christie’s is showcasing Antoni Tàpies’ “Xhibition,” a major exhibition showcasing an important corpus of work by the Post-War painter Antoni Tàpies at Galeria Javier Lopez & Fer Francés, Madrid. The exhibition is on view through March 15, 2019, and explores the relevance and versatility of the sign “X” or cross, showcasing some of the most striking and significant examples of Antoni Tàpies’ Post-War oeuvre, some of which are important museum loans.

Coinciding with art fair ARCOmadrid and touring to London in June, this pioneering initiative is the first traveling private selling exhibition organized by Christie’s.

Guillermo Cid, Specialist, Head of Post-War & Contemporary Art, Madrid, said that Christie’s strongly believes that Tàpies’ works are among the most beautiful examples of Post-War art, and they hope to generate greater awareness of the artist with this show on an international scale. He further said that Tàpies’ style encompasses a series of techniques and approaches that singles him out as a unique voice within the European abstraction of his period.

“He responded to the visual appearance of Post-War abstraction, combining materialistic concerns with a symbolic cosmos inherited from the surreal art of Paul Klee and Joan Miro. The result was a radical and solemn language unlike everything else that was being done at the time. Whilst the matter is the flesh of his paintings, the crosses and the ‘X’ symbols —          in all their guises — are their bones and skeletons. Christie’s is thrilled to collaborate with Galeria Javier Lopez & Fer Frances in this landmark show,” he added.

Tobias Sirtl, Specialist, Post War & Contemporary Art, Munich, commented that Tàpies received the Rubens Prize of Siegen, West Germany, in 1972. That prize only came to confirm what had been obvious since the beginning of the 1960s: that the well-informed European art scene of the time saw in Tàpies one of the champions of Post-War abstraction. Many of the Spanish-Catalan painter’s masterpieces are housed in major museums of central Europe and hang on the walls of the most renowned collections. 

Founder: Louise Blouin 


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