Animation Art at Heritage Auctions, Dallas, June 15 & 16

Animation Art at Heritage Auctions, Dallas, June 15 & 16

Heritage Auctions’ upcoming sale on June 15 and June 16 in Dallas will offer animation artworks including the ones of popular characters from children’s books and cartoons.

The top lots of the sale include:

— Mary Blair: “Alice in Wonderland.” Alice and Flowers Concept Painting (Walt Disney, 1951). In the book “The Art and Flair of Mary Blair: An Appreciation,” John Canemaker writes on page 50, “Mary Blair’s sensibility pervades Alice’s leaf patterns, shrubbery, settings, props, characters, costumes, and color.” Estimate: 15,000 USD.

— “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” Production/Color Model Cels and Key Master Pan Background (Walt Disney, 1937). “Heigh-Ho! Heigh-Ho! It’s home from work we go!” This is an absolutely magnificent hand-inked, hand-painted trimmed-to-image collection of original cels of Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and of course Dopey from the iconic scene where they head home from working in the diamond mine. Estimate: 13,000 USD.

— Gustaf Tenggren (Walt Disney, 1942): “Bambi Concept Painting.” One of the most productive and influential artists working at the Walt Disney Studio was the Swedish-American illustrator, Mr. Gustaf Tenggren (1896 - 1970). His work and influence on such films as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Pinocchio,” “Fantasia,” and “Bambi” are highly documented and written about. Art condition is very good. Estimate: 11,000 USD.

— Mary Blair: “Alice in Wonderland” Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Concept/Color Key Painting (Walt Disney, 1951). “Birthday? My dear child, this is not a birthday party,” says The March Hare to Alice. “Of course, this is an UNbirthday party!,” says The Mad Hatter! Estimate: 10,500 USD.

— “The Mad Doctor Mickey Mouse Production Cel and Key Master Background” (Walt Disney, 1933). “Pluto?...Pluto?” his setup was originally part of the prestigious “Herbert Black Collection of Disney Animation Art.” Estimate: 8,000 USD.

— Mary Blair: Cinderella Coach and Castle Concept/Color Key Painting (Walt Disney, 1950). “Cinderella went to the ball with a promise to return home before midnight, before all the magic went away.” Estimate: 7,500 USD.

— Mary Blair “It’s a Small World” Castle Facade Concept Painting (Walt Disney, 1964). “It's a Small World after all!” Estimate: 6,500 USD.


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