A la Van Gogh

A la Van Gogh

The path to experiencing Van Gogh’s paintings is dotted with some of the best art produced in the Western world. Famous for using striking colors and an “impasto” style application of paint, Van Gogh gave hundreds of still lifes, portraits and landscapes a unique aura that this vitrine attempts to capture.

Van Gogh’s bedroom, which appeared in three paintings, is the focus of the “Self-Portraits through Art History (Van Gogh’s Room)” created by Yasumasa Morimura. In the piece, Morimura inserts himself into the scene as Van Gogh and the bedroom is recreated with bright colors and visible brush strokes. 

Light 67 percent mercerized cotton and hand knitting are used by Simone van Eerdenburg to create the “Scarf knitted cottages” that draws inspiration from the scene captured in “Old Vineyard” from Van Gogh. The delicate shades of blue used by Van Gogh in the painting and reconstructed in the scarf, make it ideal for pairing with a coat. 

Golden hued wheat and black crows that bring an otherworldly feel to the “Wheatfield with Crows” painting makes the “Passport holder Wheatfield” a standout offering. Created by Smaak Bags and offered by the Van Gogh Museum, the lining of passport holder is printed with colors and scenes from the painting. 

Featured on the “Lacquer Tea Box on Tray Almond Blossom” are the blossom branches that Van Gogh used to symbolize the renewed energy and life that spring brings. A striking blue color representing the sky forms the backdrop to the blossoms, and the lacquer teaset includes four tea boxes each of which is lined with velvet and positioned within a tray.

In the “Van Gogh Complete Paintings,” 871 paintings created by the artist are examined in detail along with aspects of his unhappy lifetime, during which his work received very little recognition. Published by Taschen, the book covers the period from 1853-1890 and is a rare offering.

One of the famous still lifes from Van Gogh, the “Sprig of a Flowering Almond in a Glass” inspires the Chando porcelain diffuser, which allows for the delicate dispersion of fragrance via the porcelain stem. The famous “Sunflowers” paintings lend several shades of yellow and green to the three-dimensional flowers dotting the “Vase porcelain Sunflowers” that is designed by Brian Wu for the Franz Collection.


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