Nature-inspired Florentine silver by Fratelli Lisi curated by Artemest

Nature-inspired Florentine silver by Fratelli Lisi curated by Artemest

The tradition of Italian gold or silver-smithing goes back to Renaissance masters like Benvenuto Cellini who brought an artist’s sensibility to the craft of working metals into decorative objects. That tradition continues today in the Florentine ateliers of the Fratelli Lisi, a family-owned silversmith workshop established in the middle of last century.  

The touch of the artisan is palpable in the nature-inspired pieces by the Fratelli Lisi, where art, elegance and know-how come together in delicate secret boxes, fauna-inspired lighters and saucers, and handcrafted candelabras, all collected by Artemest, a venue dedicated to Italian craftsmanship.

Launched by Ippolita Rostagno, the Italian jewelry designer who defines herself as a “slave to beauty,” Artemest embodies the belief that in a world of mass production, handcrafting remains a pillar of true luxury.  Artemest’s collection of handmade treasures caters to the discerning buyer with a selection of over 1500 one-of-a-kind products that capture the spirit of Italian craftsmanship.  

The naturalistic silver pieces created by the Fratelli Lisi combine a keen eye for nature with a playful approach to function.  In their hands, decorative arts turn into conversation pieces at the dinner table.  


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