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On our site you'll find all the vital daily news and developments from galleries, auction houses, and museums – everything that matters.

There is no limit to BLOUIN ARTINFO's cultural and aesthetic reach, so along with the Whitney Biennial, we report with wit, style, verve, and authority on the Paris and New York collections, the Cannes and Venice film festivals, the Oscars, Tonys, Grammys, and more.

BLOUIN ARTINFO has launched 15 international editions. Each contains local and cultural stories in the native language.


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BlouinArtinfo Corp  holds the world's most comprehensive portfolio of assets devoted to art and culture - encompassing magazines, websites, guide books, art price guides and art sales databases, plus an exhibition catalog and a book publishing company. Louise Blouin also leads a philanthropic cultural foundation, nonprofit institute and hosts the annual Blouin Creative Leadership Summit.

Our mission is to provide unparalleled access to the world of art and culture — to inspire, educate and inform our readership. Our audience is comprised of tastemakers and influencers who are defined by their interest in and acquisition of art and their cultural habits — including art, film, luxury lifestyle, design and travel. Partnering across the globe with over 20,000 galleries, museums, auction houses, art biennials and fairs, Louise Blouin Media has the ability to provide our advertising partners with outstanding marketing opportunities.

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